Another Bite of the apple

While my Ottavio (AKA David) was in New York, we met up with a dancer friend of his at Columbus Circle, we ended up in the Time Warner Center at Bouchon Bakery for lunch.  There were not many options for me there, but the soup was gluten free and they gave me a few pieces of cheese on the side (instead of the grilled cheese sandwich that came with it).  This place also has macaroons!  Giant, colourful, delicious, Parisian macaroons–which are traditionally made without gluten.  Here’s a picture of my raspberry macaroon (a little dark because I took it with my cell and I was in a hurry to get back to eating it):
The second day David was in town (he lives in Montreal too), we met up with France (we all met at McGill) for coffee before her class.  We went to a great little café in SOHO or maybe NOHO, then wandered around the NYU campus.  After Francesca left us, David and I continued to walk around for a while heading in the direction of the apartment and working up an appetite.  We wandered into a restaurant–which I will not bother naming–because they had tacos made with corn tortillas on the menu.  The host assured me I could eat safely, the waitress was not so sure, so she asked the chef, the chef was adamant that nothing in the restaurant was edible.  Not even the hot chocolate.  This was a first for me and my heart broke a little.  If I had been by myself there could have been two scenarios: 1) I start crying and make a scene or 2) I get angry and make a scene.  Luckily I had Mr. Menzies to commiserate with.  We gathered our belongings and left.  We walked into the next restaurant we saw and praise the GF gods: A gf menu!  J’adore.

Hears a taste:


We walked in and found a cute waiter (good start), I asked about gluten and he says: “Oh, I’m so cute in my tight black t-shirt and we have a gf menu, shouldn’t everyone?”  So I’ve embellished a little.  The tables are big with long benches and these really cool cubbies for your purse.  David perused his menu and I smiled at mine.  The servings were huge and we were both very satisfied with our choices.  Noodles!

What I ate:
Pad Thai with shrimp

What David ate:
Something with coconut milk, broth and noodles; it was delicious

click me!
The gf menu is not on the website, but they have one and it’s full of goodies


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