Devon in Bremen

The first day.

Arrive in Frankfurt at 6.30 in the morning, follow crowd through the airport like a zombie until someone asks for my passport.  Find chair next to gate, space out, climb on plane, sleep.  Awake in Bremen.

Took a taxi to the hotel, crossed my fingers…room ready!  My first order of business is a nap, I keep getting this spinning feeling in my head like I’ve just gotten off a cruise ship, that means tired.

I woke up around 2pm (my new time) and started doing some research.  I did not plan well for this trip.  I can’t explain why, but I was really nervous about this month and rather than plan for it, I just pretended it wasn’t going to happen, then…I got on a plane.

I found a few places on-line.  One restaurant even allowed me to enter my allergy into a search engine and out popped all the menu items I could eat.  It’s called Maredo.  This place also happened to be right next to my hotel.  Dinner plan for Day 1, check!

My plan while I adjusted to the time change and the language was to stay closer to hotel restaurants.  It’s easier to find people who will speak English and I feel like it is okay that I come across as a tourist.

The scariest thing for me in a new place is finding safe food.  I am affected, I used to be able to try anything, but now there are limits.  As much as I love feeling good and healthy, I admittedly still occasionally feel like I’m missing out.

Hears a taste:


My brain is a little fuzzy today and I totally chickened out on saying any of the phrases I had memorized in German.  I’m such a loser.  I walked into Maredo and said: “Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, sprechen Sie Englisch?”  I am that girl.
The restaurant had an English menu and the waitress pulled out a list that detailed all the allergens in each dish and sauce.  It was all in German, but it was fun to go back and forth from one language to the other.  The waitress, who was Spanish, assured me she would speak to her manager and have that translated as soon as possible.  She was too nice to me.

What I ate:
Salad Bar (the waitress walked me through it and pointed out the very few items I could not eat)
Steak on a hot plate with a bib.

A side note:
I’m glad I wore the bib, after I ate, I could see all the little spatters that would have been on my yellow shirt.

click me!
The website is in German, but they have an English menu and the waitstaff will help you navigate.


2 responses to “Devon in Bremen

  1. Thank you! I arrived in Bremen today, and am researching meal options so I can stay gluten free. Madero is on my list to try! I have only been eating out of grocery store from my visit to The Netherlands, and it is time to get brave and try restaurant food.

    • Hi Amanda! I just realized I never posted about L’Oliva! If you’re still in Bremen, it’s a restaurant in the Hitlon on Boettcherstrasse. They were great with the allergies and the food is amazing! Hope you’re having a great trip.

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