A Boston Baptism

September 14, 2010, my dear friends Kelly and Micheal welcomed their second bundle of happiness (their first American baby) and in October they baptized Noah in Boston.  I am of no religious persuasion, but I’m always happy to see and celebrate with these people, so I got in a car with Leslie (a friend of Kelly’s and after 12 hours of driving, a friend of mine) and road tripped to Boston.

Friday night, we got into Newton just in time to give Eva, their daughter, hugs and kisses goodnight, then we ordered Dominoes. They do not have gluten free crust, but I was very happy to find a breakdown of all the ingredients online.  Turns out I can eat their chicken wings.  Great!  Kelly had also prepared a delicious assortment of hummus and crudités.  Yum.

On Saturday morning Leslie and I woke up and headed out on our shopping mission.  But what do you need on a shopping mission?  Sustenance!

Hears a taste:

(Newbury location)

Leslie knew where we wanted to go shopping, so we thought we would park and find food from there.  We parked, paid and Ta da!  There was Joe’s American Bar & Grill right beside the car.  We stepped in the door and asked about gluten, before we knew it, we were ushered to our table.  The restaurant does not have a gf menu, but as soon as I mentioned the word ‘celiac’ our waitress started listing off all the things I could eat.  Our super friendly waitress told me she preferred the gluten free crust to the wheat filled one, so my pick was easy.  Pizza for breakfast.  Luckily Leslie is an early riser because this place got busy, fast!  During our meal a manager came to make sure everything was to our liking, she asked specifically what I thought of the crust!  Great service can make a restaurant into a very memorable place, especially when the food is delicious to boot.

What I ate:
GF Brunch Pizza – eggs, Italian sausage, onions, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and provolone.  What!?  So tasty.

What Leslie ate:
I don’t remember, I was too focused on my own meal.

At the bottom of the menu:
From host to service staff, we make every effort to accommodate any special requests, including any food or gluten allergies.

click me!

Saturday afternoon, the Baptismal pack of family and friends all met up in Boston Common for one of K&M’s favorite Boston discoveries (Cannoli) and although I could not eat it, I sure enjoyed watching Eva smear this treat all over her face.


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