GF terminology auf Deutsch

Gluten free terminology auf Deutsch!

The basics:

Ich bin Zöliakie. = I am celiac.

Ich bin allergisch gegen gluten.  (Weizen, Roggen, Malz, Gerste und Hafer) = I am allergic to gluten (wheat, rye, malt, barley and oats)

glutenfrei = gluten free

Vielen Dank = many thanks

*For help with pronunciation, I recommend google translate.  She talks really fast, but you’ll hear the general pronunciation.*

While I was in Germany, I found this great website: Deutsch Zöliakie Gesellschaft.  This link will take you directly to the English part of the website.  There you will find a few helpful hints to shopping gf in Germany and most importantly the Chef blurb (which I have included below).  Should you not be able to communicate your needs to the waiter or chef, hand them this blurb, it will help.

The Blurb:
Da ich an einer Unverträglichkeit von Getreideeiweiß leide (Weizen, Roggen, Gerste, Hafer), darf mein Essen kein Mehl, Paniermehl, Grieß, Nudeln usw. enthalten.
Sollten in dem gewählten Gericht davon Bestandteile enthalten sein, die nicht weggelassen werden können, bitte ich um einen anderen Vorschlag.
Vielen Dank!

The Blurb translated:
Since I suffer from an inability to digest proteins derived from cereals (rye, wheat, barley, oats), I cannot eat dishes containing flour, breadcrumbs, semolina, pasta, etc.
If any of these ingredients are contained in the meal I have chosen and it is not possible to leave them out, could you please offer me an alternative dish.
Thank you very much!


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