A west side story in Halifax?

My wonderful friend and wicked cool business partner, Jonathan is in Halifax right now performing in West Side Story.  His boyfriend, Chris, travels better in pairs and I was happy to volunteer to play the part of “Traveller No. 2”.  There were 3 things that made my decision to come on this trip easy: I get to see Jonathan/watch him perform, I get to travel and catch up with Chris AND I would get to return to that “Monkey” restaurant I went to one year ago with my brother Bradley.  Ever since my very brief trip to Wolfville last May, I have been kicking myself for not visiting my brother while he was in school on this gorgeous side of the country.  I don’t know what stopped me from a visit, but he was on the East Coast for 5 years and it wasn’t until his last month in town that I managed to fly in.  Bad sister.

The “Monkey” place: Brad took me there for lunch before my quick tour of Halifax and ride to Wolfville.  He knew they had lots of organic and vegetarian options, so he assumed they would be at least gluten conscious.  Hoorah!  He was right!  We ordered way too much food, but it was so delicious.  I have an unusual love for nachos with lots of stuff on top and this restaurant had their layering technique down.  Having no idea how large the nachos would be and because of our proximity to the ocean, I also ordered fish.  Both dishes were delectable and for the past year anytime anyone has mentioned travel in the vicinity of Halifax I have brought up this restaurant.

Finally, one year later, I made my way back with two people who appreciate good food as much as I do.  I think I finally have the name of the restaurant down too.

Hears a taste:

The Wooden Monkey.
Round 1

This restaurant does not have a separate gf menu, but gf dishes are indicated on the menu with a star *.  There are plenty of options and they offer a gf pizza crust (which I still have to try).  Jonathan and Chris both enjoyed this place as much as I did and we immediately agreed we would be coming back (this was before dessert too!).  Since my return from Germany, I haven’t really had my fix of nachos, so they were on the brain.

What I ate:
1 of Jonathan’s Bacon wrapped Scallop (we traded, Jonathan does not share)
Chocolate Tofu Pie – OMGFG!  Yes this means: Oh My Gluten Free Gods!  So good, no one should have to live with not trying this pie, so try it.

What Chris ate:
Trio of Dips
Spicy Vegetarian Stirfry (So spicy)

What Jonathan ate:
Bacon wrapped Scallop (my mantra: if it’s wrapped in bacon, I would like to eat it)
Some of my Nachos (the other end of the trade)
Free-Range Steak
Fruit Crisp

click me!

Chris and Jonathan


One response to “A west side story in Halifax?

  1. What a great adventure we had. Food, friends, theatre and LOVE!!! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    I took my mother and my aunt back to The Wooden Monkey and made them order the tofu chocolate pie, which they were VERY hesitant to try (they are farmers) and they were COMPLETELY won over!

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