Adventures in the East

I understand what it is like to be away from the person you love for an extended period of time. When you meet up again, all you want to do is curl up in a bubble with that person and forget about the world and that horrible ‘to do’ list.  This is why I left Jonathan and Chris the morning of our second day in Halifax to be together.  I had some work to do, so I went down to my hotel lobby for free wireless and people watching.  It was a cloudy and rainy day and I felt a little chilled, so I made my way into the lounge for some tea.  The waitress asked if I would want to eat anything, I told her I had already looked at the menu in my room and it looked too difficult to navigate with my allergies.  She said: “oh, just let me get the chef, we cook for allergies all the time”, before I could stop her the chef was standing in front of me asking what I had my heart set on.  I was a bit stuffed up from my travels and gray days make me feel like eating soup, but the special was chicken noodle.  “Do you like seafood chowder?”: says the chef.  Um, YES!

Hears a taste:

Eve at the Westin Nova Scotian.

Their Seafood Chowder does usually contain a rue, but if I could wait 20 minutes or so, he would be happy to whip up a gf seafood chowder.  Luckily, I had 20 minutes to spare, so I patiently waited for my personalized soup.  Oh, life is difficult.  I almost cried when the dish was set in front of me, it was beautiful.  A medley of salmon, shrimp, scallop and mussels, they looked like they had been removed directly from the ocean and tenderly mixed in with cream and potatoes.  I have love for this soup.  I would like to eat this soup everyday.  I am one lucky girl.

What I ate:
GF Seafood Chowder (picture)

click me!

Seafood Chowder

I met up with the boys in the afternoon.  We wondered and shopped around downtown Halifax until it was time to eat again.  Jonathan had to be at the theatre at 7.15, so we had planned to eat nice and early, take our sweet time visiting and eating.  Jonathan had pointed out a restaurant he had wanted to try the day before, so we went there.

Hears a taste:


This restaurant does not have a separate gf menu either, but gf dishes are clearly marked on the menu!  These Nova Scotians really know how to make a girl feel welcome.  The waiter also said there are some dishes they can adjust to be gf, so if something catches my eye, but is not marked I should ask.  Something else we discovered was that the head chef at this restaurant, Craig Flinn, had subliminally been leading us to Chives the whole day — we had come across his cook books in a few stores, but had not made the connection. 🙂
After the first bite into his biscuit, Jonathan was sure he would be bringing his mother back in a week.  Every dish called to my fork and knife and my mouth was overwhelmed by all the scrumptious offerings.  I’ve included some of the descriptions specifically to make your mouth water.

What I ate:
GF Biscuit with butter and molasses (picture)
Chives’ Fishcakes – Potato crusted and featuring coldwater Atlantic shrimp, sea trout, haddock, spinach cream, mustard pickles, lemon fennel salad (picture)
Bacon-wrapped & double Smoked NS Pork Tenderloin – P.E.I. cloth aged cheddar potato cake, braised red cabbage, cranberry applesauce, rainbow carrots
Blackforest Cake – Flourless chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, white chocolate ice cream, kirsch glazed bing cherries

What Jonathan ate:
Seafood Chowder (how could he not be craving this, after I’d been going on and on about seafood all day)
Braised Lamb “Milanese” – Bill Wood’s lamb du jour with saffron and parmesan risotto, sautéed sweet peas, roasted tomato chutney, natural lamb jus
Warm Caramel Banana Éclair

What Chris ate:
Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad – Maple candied pecans, honeycrisp apple, local greenhouse greens, honey buttermilk dressing
Winter Vegetable Tandoor
Sugar Moon Maple Crème Brûlée

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Fisk Cake


One response to “Adventures in the East

  1. It was the story of the chowder in the lounge that led me to order one for myself at “Chives”!

    I believe my repeated phrase was…”oh, f**k off!” The food was beyond delicious and they were so accommodating with the GF (look at me, using the lingo) allergy. And I think D missed the critical Riesling; her comment was something along the lines of my own (see above)!

    My mother and aunt and I have plans to visit “Chives” tomorrow!

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