Monkey Monkey Monkey

(As in “The Wooden”)

You read that right.  We went there three times in our four day trip to Halifax, but it was just SO good.  Clearly we enjoyed this restaurant, having a safe and delicious place to go made our decision easy.  Chris and I needed a bite to eat before his third and my second viewing of “West Side Story” and the Wooden Monkey is just across the construction site from the theatre…

Hears a taste:

The Wooden Monkey.
Round 2

What I ate:
Sesame Crusted Haddock (picture)

What Chris ate:
Lentil Burger

In an effort to keep my blog honest, I should also mention that we ordered a piece of Chocolate Tofu Pie to go and the three of us split it after the show.  I may or may not have shot back the extra raspberry coolis and licked the container of maple whipped cream.
The Wooden Monkey.
Round 3

This time we returned to the Wooden Monkey for its proximity to my hotel and the airport shuttle. 😉

What I ate:
Side order of Sweet Apple Salad
Meat Lovers Pizza with an excellent GF crust (picture)
Chocolate Tofu Pie (picture)

What Chris ate:
Trio of Dips
Tomato Pizza

What Jonathan ate:
Tangy Fish Cakes
Pork Tenderloin
Chocolate Tofu Pie (he ain’t no fool)


Chocolate Tofu Pie

Look how happy this pie makes people!

Jono with pie

Me and pie


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