Burger time!

Aren’t burgers a great way to break in the BBQ for summer?  A while back I was in Calgary and I bought a boat load of GF goodies to try; one of these goodies was a bag of hamburger buns by “Against the Grain”.  I’m still not totally clear on where these buns are made, my mother and I went searching for the address on the label and ended up at Lakeview Bakery, but the salesgirl insisted they have a separate location.  Maybe you can figure it out.  I think “Against the Grain” is the name of the Lakeview Bakery ‘GF baked goods’.  Confusion aside back to the buns…

SOOOO GOOD!  My boyfriend says they taste like church bread, I don’t know what that means, but he ate them and he enjoyed them.  They are flavorsome and squishy (soft in the middle).  I loaded on the toppings and they stayed together! We toasted them too.  I want more and I’m so happy I bought two bags.  These buns reminded me of those fresh buns that you cook in a clump and then pull apart to eat with butter.  You may be able to tell from the picture below, but I forgot to take a picture of my first burger, please excuse the messy plate and counter.

I’ve been eating burgers wrapped in lettuce and I’ve survived, but these buns are way better than lettuce.

The bag o'buns




2 responses to “Burger time!

  1. I don’t know if you can get it up there, but I LOVE Chebe mix to make GF buns with. They only make little bitty ones so I make sliders.

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