Zero Wheat / Huit

A couple years ago Andrew and I noticed a new restaurant near our house.  We had already eaten, but I wrote down the name to look up when I got home.  That same night we bought our first copy of “Allergic Living” and the first page we opened to had an ad for that same restaurant.  It’s called Zero8 and it boasts having none of the top 8 allergens in the restaurant; this place was made for people like Andrew and I.

A few weeks later we tried Zero8 for the first time.  It was a hot and humid Montreal day, so I was a little surprised to see something like ‘Shepherds Pie’ on the menu, but I shouldn’t be snooty about a non-seasonal menu, this place is 100% safe for Andrew and I.  We ate a delicious gluten free, peanut/nut/sesame seed free, milk/soy/egg free, seafood/shellfish free meal.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed with a clean and modern interior.  Andrew and I sat on the edge of their adorable patio and we enjoyed being regular and easy customers in a nice restaurant.

Montreal is full of amazing places to eat.  My first impression of Zero8 was good, but I admit that this is not the first place that comes to mind when asked for a restaurant recommendation in Montreal.  I should say that I do tell anyone I meet with allergies about it.  Andrew and I both love seafood and eggs and dairy; we are fortunate to only have gluten and peanuts to work around.  I hoped that Zero8’s menu would change a little with time to offer a seasonal menu and/or more signature dishes.

FFW to June 2011:
I was recently in the gf section of my IGA and I noticed frozen meals by Zero8.  They looked delicious, but before I buy, I thought it might be good to try out the restaurant again, so when Andrew’s Mom and distant Canadian cousin came to Montreal for the day we thought: What a perfect time to go back!

Hears a taste:


Andrew’s mother has a lot of experience cooking for Andrew’s allergy, so she can appreciate a restaurant that cooks specifically for allergic peoples.  Dion, the Canadian cousin, had a great attitude about trying this place out, he even noticed a great play on words in the title of the restaurant, in French we say: “zero huit” which sounds like “zero wheat” (I have to give credit where credit is due).
Obviously the menu is completely gf, even the alcohol is allergy aware.  The waitress asked if anyone at our table had allergies because they are happy to cook for allergens not included in the top 8.
Everyone enjoyed their meal and as I had hoped, then menu has changed around a little.  There are more dishes and a way better mix of light and rich dishes.  Andrew and I will definitely head back soon.

What I ate:
Carrot and Ginger soup -spicy and delicious
Zero8 fries with Duck (their play on poutine)
1/4 Judy’s sandwich

What Andrew ate:
Chicken BBQ sticks with home fries
1/4 Judy’s sandwich

What Judy ate:
Grilled chicken sandwich with fries

What Dion ate:
Roast beef sandwich with fries

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Thanks for a great lunch Judy!


2 responses to “Zero Wheat / Huit

  1. Yes, lunch was great at Zero8, and I was happy that you and Andrew could eat so comfortably there. It makes me wish the big name chefs on TV programs would pay more attention to allergy issues, and in particular, stop adding nuts (of any kind) to everything. At the very least these famous chefs could announce that people trying their recipes should be sensitive to the possibility of killing their guests, or in the case of gluten, consigning them to gut-wrenching pain.

  2. Since I am now able to blog-stalk you I thought I would say – oooo! I will have to come over to le reception desk and ask you where this is!

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