This restaurant does not call for a fancy post title.  I only need to say: Pushap.  If you have been to this place, you will know what I mean.  If you have not made your trip out to Namur Metro for a Thali at Pushap, then you have not lived the real Montreal experience.

This restaurant has so much character!  From the colorful display case of sweets to the year round Christmas lights, multi-colored walls and light up Taj Mahal to the family of staff and cooks with friendly faces and sneaky smiles.  The food is delicious.  Always.

Hears a taste:


The first time I ate at Pushap (B.C.) was with Krista (a great singer & great friend).  I have no idea how she found out about this little restaurant and sweet shop off the Decarie highway, but I’m so glad I followed her on this adventure!  This restaurant offers mouth-watering and authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine at a very low price.  We used to gather groups of friends, fill our cars and make our way out for dinner or lunch weekly.  The Thali is $5.75!  Who could resist?!

I have ordered food from Pushap to cater my birthday party and I have ordered meals to freeze and take to my friends across the border.  Pushap is the place I always take my visitors to and whenever Krista or Kelly or Megan or Aimee (my Pushap pack o’friends) come back to town, it is high on the list of food priorities!

Andrew eats here too!  He is allergic to nuts and peanuts and lots of legumes make his throat itch.  There are no peanuts in this restaurant, but the sweets do have nuts (pistachio, cashew and almond) and there are peas in several of the vegetable dishes.  Fortunately for Andrew, I have been going there long enough that I know what is in each dish and the servers are always happy to let us design our own Thali.  I should also mention that Andrew’s pretty safe around nuts, peanuts are his big problem)

What I eat:
Pakora – deep fried spiced chickpea flour with onions and potato and spinach
*B.C. I enjoyed the Samosa and Pakora combo.  For those of you who can eat gluten: try the samosa, thank me later.
Thali with lentils (or chickpeas) and NO bread – includes 2 daily selections of veggies (my favorite are Alu-Gobhi and Shahi-Paneer) and rice
Ladoo (picture) – chickpea flour sweets

What Andrew eats:
Special Thali (nut and legume free version) – we order Alu-Gobhi (cauliflower and potatoes), Palak-Panneer (spinach and cheese) and if he is not in the mood for the slight itch caused by chickpeas, we will order a third veggie like Zucchini
Gulab Jamun – honey ball sweets

A fair warning:
I have never been sick from the food at Pushap, but if you are there in peak hours (12pm-1pm & 6pm-7ish), the possibility of contamination is higher.  The kitchen is very small and they move fast, someone might forget that you said no bread and throw a piece on top of your food BUT the one time this happened they understood that I needed a new plate with all new rice and veggies.  Be clear with your allergies and you will be fine!

Click me!

A little reminiscing: The sweets are delectable and even if it were no longer safe for me to eat here, I would still recommend it to everyone and I would still call it one of Montreal’s hidden treasures.  The owners are always asking about my friends and when they can expect to see us again and I love them.


I can still eat these!


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