Beautiful but

This is a phrase I have heard too many times in my life and I would like to put a stop to it.  I am beautiful, but there is always an exception to my beauty.  How’s a girl supposed to have any confidence in herself?  How am I supposed to accept a compliment without expecting the other shoe to drop?  How is one expected to like their face or body or flaws when there is always a but?

I had a thought today…what would happen if I retrain my brain to hear: “Devon, you are beautiful butt. Blah blah blah.” and I will imagine they are talking about my behind.  This will take some work, but it has to be better then the mental beating I take every time someone decides to grace me with a “except-ional”compliment.

I have an assignment for you, my dear friends and readers, I ask you to offer one person a compliment without exception and without the expectation of having one thrown back at you.  The compliment can be given to a stranger or a loved one.  It will feel good and it will surely make someones day.

Here I am. No makeup, no veneers and a cheesy smile. Beautiful, no but.


2 responses to “Beautiful but

  1. The people who try to hard to make themselves the “beauty” they think society wants are the not beautiful ones. Too much make-up, botox, plastic surgery, tight clothes, short skirts… I find beauty in natural states and in personality.

    I hate when people try too hard.

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