Food Pictures

I was recently in Kingston helping my Godparents move their baby girl into her dorm room at Queens.  My sister happened to be in town too, so the five of us unpacked bags and boxes and put together furniture in a single room and laughed the day away.  What did I take pictures of?  Food.  Oops.  Just the other day I was thinking…I need to take more pictures of food to pretty up my blog, but now my camera and I are neglecting to take pictures of people!  I did, however, take many pictures of my handsome, new nephew and only one picture of food.  It’s a fine balance, but I’ll get this right eventually.

In Kingston, we ate dinner at a little restaurant called Chez Piggy.  The food was good, but the company was better.  They were very knowledgeable in the area of food allergies and our waitress was great at selling her favorite foods on the menu!  Her food descriptions were mouthwatering and anything she recommended was ordered by someone at our table.  I especially enjoyed my flourless chocolate cake with caramel sauce for dessert.

Kale Nyama - Angry Hot Lamb Loin

Andrew and I were in Boston again to welcome a new relative to the family.  I would like you all to meet Andrew Ryan Jones. My Andrew, Judy (my Andrew’s Mom) and I took a well deserved break from apartment organizing/ moving/ setting up to drive to Boston to meet baby Andrew.

Andrew meet Andrew

I think one of the most helpful things I know I can do for new parents is cook.  I like to cook, sometimes I can help clear out some forgotten items in their refrigerator and everybody deserves to have a meal cooked for them.  What we ate:

GF pasta with roasted tomatoes, asparagus, zuccini and shrimp

I used a box of rice pasta by a company called De Boles.  So far, I have only seen this product in the US.  I found it in the health food section at Hannafords.  They have lasagna noodles and angel hair and penne and spirals and they are made with rice, corn and also available in gf multigrain.  I’m not a fan of corn pasta (corn is for my Mexican palette, not Italian), so I have not tried this one, but I really like the rice pasta.


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  1. Hey lady it is so great to see you posting more recipes and your travels! For some more amazing recipes check out Shauna my bro’s lady has some really really good stuff to try out! Hope all is well xoxox d

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