Happy New Year from GVG!

I’ll start by saying Happy New Year!  But how is it 2012?!  The year disappeared, I haven’t even registered what happened to December.  Did I post in December?  I meant to.  I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions,  I could say that my resolution is to post more, but I prefer to just resolve to find more to talk and write about.  I will also resolve to make changes. (I like to keep it vague, then I’m always successful)

Andrew and I hosted a New Years Pot-Luck and Games night!  Pot-lucks are stressful for me, giving up the control in the kitchen is so scary!  Even B.C. and before peanut allergies, I hated hosting pot-lucks.  I really tried, but I could never control everything.  I still remember the exact moment I gave up on pot-luck Thanksgiving (which had such potential for less stress), it was the year the mashed potatoes cancelled.  Those are a staple!  But this year I decided to put that nightmare behind me and trust my friends.  I included a reminder about allergies in the invite and let my control slip out into my e-vite.

I love my friends.  They are so curious and conscious of my gluten intolerance, I know they will ask questions if they are unsure of an ingredient and they go to great lengths to feed me safely.  Chris is constantly cooking with gluten on the brain, just in case I pop over for dinner ;), Dayle is super aware of her workspace and Jordan has witnessed first hand the results of contamination.  The result: We had a great night of food.

Andrew and I made tacos.  We did 2 types of filling: pulled pork and beans.  I was at the gym a while back and they were showing a french cooking show (Is it cruel to make people hungry while they are working out?) that featured 2 chefs and their taco truck.  They shared one of the recipes and it just sounded too delicious not to to try.  Here are links to the recipe and to the taco truck:
Recipe – click here!  The recipe is in French, but should be easy to translate with the google.  It also makes enough to fill 2 dutch ovens!

Full of beans!

Taco truck – Grumman ’78

We served our tacos on corn tortillas with mashed avocado, radish salsa, cilantro and feta.  The beans were incredible.  We have so much leftover bean yumminess in our freezer, but we’ve also been eating it everyday since.  So tasty and smoky and filling.  Yum.  We will make this recipe again, maybe cut in half next time…


Chris made a quinoa dish and a chorizo-potato salad.  Dayle made a brussel sprout slaw and stuffed jalapeño peppers.  Christina brought spinach dip with a bread bowl and veggies, she had 2 containers of dip and we put up a no bread sign and Jordan made deviled eggs with a Cesar salad twist (mine were unpankoed).  We had so much food!  How did I not take a picture!?

You’ll just have to believe it was all delicious and looked fabulous (before we attacked it).  It was a successful pot-luck, no-one was sick, no-one needed an epi-pen.  It turns out that pot-lucks were not the problem, it’s more about surrounding myself with the right people.  I’m so fortunate to have all these people in my life.

I hope you all had an equally food filled celebration and I wish anyone reading this a thriving, healthy and happy New Year!  Have a pot-luck, there’s your resolution.


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