Chipotle, I had to.

During the month of June, I was in New Mexico taking part in a fantastic singing program (still working out the post in my head), but upon my arrival in Albuquerque, I decided to eat at a Chipotle.  This is a Mexican food chain essentially owned by McDonald’s, but it has some heart.  I know what you must be thinking…this girl is surrounded by Mexican/New Mexican food in New Mexico, why would she choose to go to a fast food chain? My favorite New Mexican restaurant is in Santa Fe and it was already in the books for the next day and I was in a hurry.  If I had a buddy, I would have gone to a proper restaurant, but when you are by yourself, if you’re not in the mood to dine alone, fast food becomes more appealing.

Check out this link and see why I have some love for this chain:
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Hears a taste:


The website advises to ask for the server to change their gloves and follow you along the line to avoid contamination (as much as you can).  I’m making this sound so risky, but I have been to various Chipotle’s and (knock on wood) not had any problems.

I always order the Burrito Bowl;  it’s huge and can be shared or eaten solo, leftovers are good too.  Andrew and I were visiting his Mom in Albany and we split 2 between the three of us and still had leftovers for his sister.  All the meats are delicious and they are all gf.  My favorite is pork.  You pick your rice, your meat, and your toppings.  Always get the guacamole, it’s tasty.

Carnitas Burrito Bowl with cilantro rice, corn and guacamole, with a blackberry IZZE.

Does this look like fast food to you?  I think even if I could eat everything on the menu at any fast food joint, Chipotle would be my fast food of choice.  I am a sucker for Mexican cuisine, but this place is tasty.  Of course, the nearest location to Montreal is Burlington, Vermont, but I highly recommend keeping this place in mind if you’re in the US or Toronto, especially over a McDonald’s.

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Addendum – this little story might not help sell my gf experience at Chipotle, but I have to tell it:  When I stepped up to the counter, I asked the server to change her gloves because I have an allergy to gluten.  With a flour tortilla in her hand, she says: “I haven’t touched gluten in these gloves”,  giving her the benefit of the doubt, I reply: “oh, is that a corn tortilla in your hand?”.  She says: “No, it’s just a tortilla”  Devon’s eyebrows furrow: “so that is a wheat flour tortilla, there is gluten in wheat”.  “No,” says my new ‘about to get educated’ friend, “it’s a tortilla tortilla”.  Oy, needless to say, I asked for the next girl over to help me.


2 responses to “Chipotle, I had to.

  1. Dude.

    So, I had my first Chipoltles experience ever while in NYC and I had never heard of it before. I had this huge burrito thing that I couldn’t even finish. I knew the tortilla was flour, but it was a long day and I was starving. I had no clue this was owned by McDonalds, or even, what it was other than something new and a place I could get guacamole. heh The people I was meeting asked if we could eat there because the entire family was vegetarian.

    I just checked out the link to their dietary information and I am impressed. I wish you’d posted this BEFORE I went (shame on you!) so I would have known all the exciting healthier stuff. I just panicked and ordered what my non-veggie friend ordered. 🙂

    Your burrito bowl made me think you might like to check out the Cultures Express in the Cathedral mall. They now have rice bowls and they are excellent. MB introduced me to them. My fave is the South Western rice bowl – sweet potato, avocado, tomato, corn, chicken, brown rice and it has a chipotle sauce (very little). Of course I don’t know what the sauce is made of. But they also have bowls with eggplant and zucchini. Yum. I can’t ever finish them so I always have left overs. It’s my new fave and I tend to gravitate to them rather than the McDs in the corner of that food court. 😉

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